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Comforser belongs to Shandong New Continent Tire CO. LTD. Comforser SNCT is one of the leading tyre enterprise based in Yishui, Northern China. With total of 2000 employees working in total land area of 578 square KM, its work of art how they work. Comforser has a production capacity of 9 million tyre sets annually, which include 3 million light truck tyre sets and 6 million car tyre sets. Comforser tyres are sold all over the globe. They are sold in Europe, Africa, Middle East, America, South East Asia etc. therefore these tyres have worldwide certifications like European ECE certification, US DOT certification, CCC compulsory products Certification, ISO, ST 16949 quality system certification and Gulf Countries GCC/ GSO certification. Comforser tyres provide top quality and performance.

We sell Comforser tyres online at very-very affordable prices. We have a wide range of car tyres, van tyres as well as 4X4 tyres and others as well. Looking for cheap tyres in Leicester and all over UK visit our website or give us a call at 01162611480 for any queries or questions. We have tyres in all summer, winter and all-season types. If you want part worn tyres, we do have those as well in almost new condition with DOT from 2015 to 2016.

Comforser Tyres Models

Comforser CF1000  TyresCF1000  Tyres
Comforser CF300  TyresCF300  Tyres
Comforser CF350  TyresCF350  Tyres
Comforser CF500  TyresCF500  Tyres
Comforser CF500 XL TyresCF500 XL Tyres
CF500 XL
Comforser CF600  TyresCF600  Tyres
Comforser CF700 XL TyresCF700 XL Tyres
CF700 XL
Comforser HP Series CF500  TyresHP Series CF500  Tyres
HP Series CF500
Comforser HP Series CF500 XL TyresHP Series CF500 XL Tyres
HP Series CF500 XL
Comforser HP Series CF510  TyresHP Series CF510  Tyres
HP Series CF510
Comforser HP Series CF510 XL TyresHP Series CF510 XL Tyres
HP Series CF510 XL
Comforser HP Series CF600  TyresHP Series CF600  Tyres
HP Series CF600
Comforser HP Series CF610  TyresHP Series CF610  Tyres
HP Series CF610
Comforser HP Series Sports K4  TyresHP Series Sports K4  Tyres
HP Series Sports K4
Comforser SUV H/T Series CF2000  TyresSUV H/T Series CF2000  Tyres
SUV H/T Series CF2000
Comforser SUV H/T Series CF2000 XL TyresSUV H/T Series CF2000 XL Tyres
SUV H/T Series CF2000 XL
Comforser UHP Series CF700 XL TyresUHP Series CF700 XL Tyres
UHP Series CF700 XL
Comforser UHP Series CF710  TyresUHP Series CF710  Tyres
UHP Series CF710
Comforser UHP Series CF710 XL TyresUHP Series CF710 XL Tyres
UHP Series CF710 XL
Comforser Van Series CF300  TyresVan Series CF300  Tyres
Van Series CF300
Comforser Van Series CF350  TyresVan Series CF350  Tyres
Van Series CF350