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Continental tyres for all vehicles: Continental tyres stand for the best technology Made in Germany.

Facts about the German company Continental:

>> The manufacturer is a leader in tyre technology with more than a 140 years of experience

>> It offers extensive tyre knowledge with approximately 220,000 employees working in 55 countries

>> Continental is one of the three leading automotive suppliers worldwide

>> The company is the number one in the tyre OEM and the market leader for winter tyres in Europe

Continental car Tyres: The benchmark among the car tyres

Continental has been setting the standards for premium tyres for many, many years. Very short braking distances characterise the braking behaviour of the Continentals in particular. Therefore, one of the slogans of Continental is "short stopping distance when it all depends on it". Benefit from the excellent braking performance of the Continentals and order your cheap Continental tyres from us today savingontyres.co.uk

Innovative technologies in every tyre

In addition to short braking distances, Continentals have further excellent handling characteristics. Innovative technologies such as ContiSilent minimise unwanted noise by using a polyurethane foam attached to the inside of the tyre. All this considerably increases the comfort in the passenger cabin. Continental is also continuously developing new technologies in order to improve driving safety.

ContiSeal and Continental SSR for more safety

With ContiSeal and Continental SSR, Continental offers tyres with technologies that avoid a dangerous tyre change at the side of the road. Tyres with ContiSeal are being provided with a viscous layer on the inside of the running surface, which immediately seals the damage caused by the penetration of nails etc., and allows a smooth continuation of the ride. Tyres with Continental SSR have reinforced sidewalls, which allow a tyre to travel further at low speeds to the next workshop.

Continental: Excellent in tyre tests

Continentals always stand above average in both summer and winter tyre tests. In the summer tyres, the Continental PremiumContact5 can convince the testers in particular and is classified as highly recommended.

Continental  offers the greatest safety in winter

In the winter tyre tests, the Continental range has left a very good impression among the examiners. Continental's hard work and compassion were once again rewarded with the first place. 

Continental Tyres Models

Continental  Sport Contact 2 Tyres Sport Contact 2 Tyres
Sport Contact 2
Continental .eContact  Tyres.eContact  Tyres
Continental .eContact XL Tyres.eContact XL Tyres
.eContact XL
Continental 4x4 Contact  Tyres4x4 Contact  Tyres
4x4 Contact
Continental 4x4 Contact - BMW XL Tyres4x4 Contact - BMW XL Tyres
4x4 Contact - BMW XL
Continental 4x4 Contact AO XL Tyres4x4 Contact AO XL Tyres
4x4 Contact AO XL
Continental 4x4 Contact MO  Tyres4x4 Contact MO  Tyres
4x4 Contact MO
Continental 4x4 Contact N0 XL Tyres4x4 Contact N0 XL Tyres
4x4 Contact N0 XL
Continental 4x4 Contact N1 XL Tyres4x4 Contact N1 XL Tyres
4x4 Contact N1 XL
Continental 4x4 Contact XL Tyres4x4 Contact XL Tyres
4x4 Contact XL
Continental 4x4 Sport Contact N0 XL Tyres4x4 Sport Contact N0 XL Tyres
4x4 Sport Contact N0 XL
Continental 4x4 Sport Contact XL Tyres4x4 Sport Contact XL Tyres
4x4 Sport Contact XL
Continental 4x4 Winter Contact  Tyres4x4 Winter Contact  Tyres
4x4 Winter Contact
Continental 4x4 Winter Contact - BMW XL Tyres4x4 Winter Contact - BMW XL Tyres
4x4 Winter Contact - BMW XL
Continental 4x4 Winter Contact XL Tyres4x4 Winter Contact XL Tyres
4x4 Winter Contact XL
Continental 4x4Contact  Tyres4x4Contact  Tyres
Continental All Season Contact  TyresAll Season Contact  Tyres
All Season Contact
Continental All Season Contact XL TyresAll Season Contact XL Tyres
All Season Contact XL
Continental Contact CST17  TyresContact CST17  Tyres
Contact CST17
Continental Contact TS 815 Seal  TyresContact TS 815 Seal  Tyres
Contact TS 815 Seal
Continental Contact TS 815 Seal XL TyresContact TS 815 Seal XL Tyres
Contact TS 815 Seal XL
Continental Contact TS 815 XL TyresContact TS 815 XL Tyres
Contact TS 815 XL
Continental Contact TS815  TyresContact TS815  Tyres
Contact TS815
Continental Contact TS815 ContiSeal  TyresContact TS815 ContiSeal  Tyres
Contact TS815 ContiSeal
Continental Contact TS815 XL TyresContact TS815 XL Tyres
Contact TS815 XL
Continental Conti Eco Contact 5 TyresConti Eco Contact 5 Tyres
Conti Eco Contact 5
Continental Conti Force Contact  TyresConti Force Contact  Tyres
Conti Force Contact
Continental Conti Preium Contact 2 TyresConti Preium Contact 2 Tyres
Conti Preium Contact 2
Continental Conti Sport Contact 3 TyresConti Sport Contact 3 Tyres
Conti Sport Contact 3
Continental Conti Sport Contact 3e TyresConti Sport Contact 3e Tyres
Conti Sport Contact 3e