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Deli was formerly known as PT. INDUSTRI KARET DELI, it’s a limited company based in the outskirts of Medan city of Indonesian archipelagos.  Primarily the company was established as Rubber flip-flops manufacturing unit which later entered in the business o tires and inner tubes of tyres in 1970. The company has a long history of having a technologically advanced production unit, producing tyres which are of high-grade quality. 

Deli tyres manufacture tyres that find fitment in the following:

1.    Bicycles

2.    Cars

3.    Industrial and agricultural purposes

4.    Radial tyres for trucks and rough terrain.

With a strong history of 50 years in manufacturing superior and premium tyres, Deli has an earned loyal customer base and unceasing patronage making them one of the most preferred tyre companies. It has a strong presence in 50 countries spread across 5 continents. 

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