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Delnite tyres is a subsidiary of Sentaida Group based out in China, the company started functioning in 2009. Despite being fairly new in the market, it has been able to carve a niche for itself. Delnite car tyres and its other version offer a perfect mix of quality and performance. The company produces tyres from medium to premium budget range, Delnite car tyres are known for its outstanding performance under normal and extreme weather conditions. The tyres have a blend of special rubber compound making it work well even under extreme weather conditions. Delnite tyres are available online and you can buy Delnite tyres of all size and shape at an attractive price. 

Apart from Delnite car tyres, the brand is known for 4*4 tyres which are apt for off-road driving. 

Buying Delnite car tyres online:

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