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Dunlop Tyres: High Tech tyres for the road

Dunlop has been supplying intelligent tyre technology for more than 125 years. What began with the first pneumatic tyres in Northern Ireland in 1888 has developed over the years into one of the most successful tyre manufacturers in the world. Dunlop tyres stand for innovation and racing technology. The close cooperation with many car manufacturers allows Dunlop to offer high-performance tyres, especially in the luxury and sports car segment, which also inspire the most demanding driver.

Dunlop car tyres undergo rigorous testing before they go into series production

For the EU tyre label, tyres are being tested according to three criteria; independent automobile clubs and magazines usually test 15 criteria. At Dunlop, new tyre profiles are subjected to a test program with a total of 50 standards developed by their Dunlop's company engineers. In doing so, the behaviour of the tyres in critical situations such as aquaplaning or grip on icy roads is always checked with the utmost precision. Only those tyres, which meet all 50 test criteria to the absolute highest degree, are approved for series production.

NoiseShield technology for increased driving comfort

The newest tyres are partly equipped with the so-called "Noise Shield technology", a foam layer on the inside of the tyre. As a result, the rolling noise can be reduced enormously. In the passenger compartment, this results in an amazing noise reduction of up to 50% (!) and thus a significant improvement in driving comfort.

Independent tests confirm Dunlop's best handling characteristics

The performance of Dunlop car tyres in various international tests of different trade magazines and automobile clubs underscores the quality of the tyres. In a total of nine summer tyre tests, Dunlop products were among the top three. The performance in winter tyre tests is similarly good. Here, Dunlops were able to convince in five tests with top three placings.

Racing for the series

Dunlop has been involved in motorsports for decades. New tire technologies are being tested under extreme conditions in order to be able to use these later in series for road traffic. With the Dunlop Testcenter at the famous German race track, the "Nürburgring", this philosophy is once again made clear. Only those tyres, which "survive" the most demanding tests there, are good enough for the end customer.

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