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Durun is a Chinese tyre manufacturer. Durun uses world class state of the art equipment to manufacture more than 200 different sizes. They are proud of their quality and their customers appreciate their dedication towards quality and competitive prices. Their every single product goes through testing in different environments and conditions before going into production. Durun tyres have exceptional performance and comfort ride quality. Durun makes tyres in many different sizes so that anyone who wants to buy Durun tyres can find tyres for their car no matter what car they drive. All Durun products are high quality products ensuring their tyres fulfil customer expectations. Durun is a very successful brand. Durun tyres are checked thoroughly with x-rays to check for imperfactions before shipping. Durun tyres are produced with perfect uniformity as they are allowed to cool down for 12 to 13 minutes at their recommended pressure. Durun’s D2009 is the most popular Durun winter tyre and the popularity is on a rise with time. These tyres can easily be adapted to fit any vehicles likes cars, small trucks or vans in winters.

At Savingontyres we sell tyres online as well as we provide fitting services. We have good quality cheap tyres. We sell both summer and winter tyres in all car tyres, 4X4 tyres, SUV tyres etc. We also have part worn tyres if you want a cheaper substitute. We deliver same day in Leicester and all over UK. For any queries give us a call at 01162611480. 



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