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Falken tyres are high-performance tyres in motorsports. Order your Falken Tyres at a fantastic price and save money on

Falken: Motorsport for everyday life

Falken has only been on the European market for a bit more than 25 years - and yet the company has already successfully established itself in the high-performance tyre sector. The basis for this success is the company's claim: only the highest quality is good enough for the customer. Therefore, Falkens are produced in factories that have ISO certifications in production and environmental management.

Tested under extreme conditions

The toughest test track in the world is Germany's "Nürburgring" - and this is exactly where Falken tyres are being tested. Since the end of the 1990s, Falken has been involved in motorsports, especially in long-distance sports and the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring. Since 2011, Falken has been partnering with Porsche. The findings from the racing industry are directly integrated into the tyre development to be able to produce the best high-performance tyres.

Falken in drift sports

Falken is particularly known among friends of drifting. If you like a lot of smoke, noise and the smell of burnt rubber, with the Drift Challenge*, you will get your money's worth!

Falken Red Bull Air Race

Team FALKEN with its pilot Yoshihide Muroya earned a straight victory in the third season of the World Championship at the Red Bull Air Race, which took place in Chiba. This is already the second win of the FALKEN pilot Yoshihide Muroya in the same season. The Japanese not only enjoyed home advantage in Chiba but also entered the race as the previous season's winner and winner of the second season of 2017. Yoshihide Muroya, who was painted in FALKEN colours, demonstrated extraordinary flight speeds and precision during the race: in the qualifying as well as in the finals, he was able to beat the fierce competition as the best pilot. Yoshihide Muroya is the first place in the overall ranking to make these two victories one of the favourites in the remaining five races of the season. Stephan Cimbal, Head of Marketing at FalkenTyre Europe, is delighted at the result: "We congratulate Yoshida on his victory and at the same time look forward to the high media attention that this excellent performance brings. We are very optimistic that he will be a 'master of excitement' on the success of the upcoming races in Europe. These races are especially important to us, as we will use them to connect with tyre dealers and end-users. "



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