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Tyre Manufacturers - Firestone Tyres

About Firestone Tyres: If you take care of your vehicles, they will take care of you. Therefore at Saving on tyres, helps you take care of your sedans by providing the radials from major manufacturing units like Firestone. Each and every Firestone tyre is manufactured using high-tech technology with goals in mind and result in hands to improve your driving experience. Having being one of the biggest manufacturers in the industry since 1900 founded by Harvey Samuel Firestone. Catering the cars, van’s, 4x4 tyres. The compnay uses advanced technology for exceptional wet traction and best possible performance even after the wear of the tyres.

Why Firestone Tyres?

Delivers All-season performance

Long-lasting comfort

Perfect wet and dry traction control

Works as hard but easy to drive.

Fuel efficient.

Can resist wear even when in contact with harsh terrains.

Can ensure heavy loads.

Offers Confident braking and driving environment and much more.

Premium Touring All Season

Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter 

Firestone MultiSeason  

Touring Winter

Firestone Winterhawk  

Firestone Winterhawk 2  

Firestone Winterhawk 2 EVO 

Firestone Winterhawk 2V  

SUV and 4x4 Winter Tyres

Premium Touring Summer

Firestone Destination HP 

Premium Touring Winter

Firestone Destination Winter SUV 

Firestone Champion - known for fuel efficiency.

Firestone Destination - perfect for on as well as off road handling

Firestone Fire Hawk - high-performance tyres.

Firestone winterforce - offers perfect winter traction

Firestone Affinity - assures daily comfort.

Firestone precision - perfect for touring vehicles.

Firestone VersaBuilt - for loader and earthmover vehicle.

Well known brands serves the best in Durability, Handling ,Wet Grip, Dry Grip, Low noise & Comfort and safety. Using Fuel Fighter Technology make your easy. The main aim  is deliver solid performance and reliability.

Savingontyres, is different because we are positively intricate in offering best customer services, high-quality tyres and solutions for you. Therefore, you can trust us!



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