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Fortuna is a company from Belgium that belongs to Deldo Autobaden N.V. and Fortuna is the most popular budget brand on the market today. Fortuna tyres are manufactured in Asia but the design, development and management remains in Europe and Fortuna is sold all over the world in more than 38 countries. Fortuna also operates a number of private tyre labels. Fortuna makes all type of tyres like car tyres, 4X4 tyres, SUV tyres as well as light truck tyres and these tyres are available in both summer tyre and winter tyre options in many different sizes. Fortuna makes tyres that are reliable, durable and high performance at very-very affordable prices. People who are a bit price conscious certainly appreciate the quality of these tyres at very affordable prices.

Fortuna tyres are available at very low prices at Savingontyres. We not only sell tyres online, we also sell cheap tyres at our garage. We have mobile fitting as well. We also sell part worn tyres all over UK via our website and ebay. We have same day delivery in Leicester and all over UK. For any queries give us a call at 01162611480.



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