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Fulda is a Germany based company founded in 1900. Since then fulda is not only a domestic seller but they have become a global provider and seller for tyres and they have been full-filling highest expectations of their customers.

Fulda is a brand that helps you save money but do not compromise on quality of their products and safety of their customers. With their low rolling resistance and use of natural rubber materials they have successfully achieved best in class fuel efficiency and world class braking on both dry and wet road conditions at any temperature.

For drivers with special sporty need they have their Fulda tyresercommend series to provide drivers with maximum grip over high speed cornering and shorter braking distance. These tyres allow drivers to maximise their vehicle limits while not compromising their comfort.

At www.savingontyres.co.uk you can buy from a wide range of fulda tyres perfected with the german technology over time. We sell new fulda tyres on cheap prices in Leicester and UK. We also ship, for that you will need to order online on our website or on ebay where we have great reviews. We also have a wide range of part worn tyres, used tyres. We make offer on bulk orders on spot, so feel free to come to us at 229, ABBEY Lane Leicester LE4 5QH England. We would be more than happy to help you. Give us a call at 01162611480 to make an appointment. 

Fulda Tyres Models

Fulda 4X4 Road  Tyres4X4 Road  Tyres
4X4 Road
Fulda Carat Exelero  TyresCarat Exelero  Tyres
Carat Exelero
Fulda Carat Exelero XL TyresCarat Exelero XL Tyres
Carat Exelero XL
Fulda Carat Extremo  TyresCarat Extremo  Tyres
Carat Extremo
Fulda Carat Progresso  TyresCarat Progresso  Tyres
Carat Progresso
Fulda Carat Progresso XL TyresCarat Progresso XL Tyres
Carat Progresso XL
Fulda Conveo Star  TyresConveo Star  Tyres
Conveo Star
Fulda Conveo Tour  TyresConveo Tour  Tyres
Conveo Tour
Fulda Conveo Trac  TyresConveo Trac  Tyres
Conveo Trac
Fulda Conveo Trans  TyresConveo Trans  Tyres
Conveo Trans
Fulda EcoControl  TyresEcoControl  Tyres
Fulda Ecocontrol HP  TyresEcocontrol HP  Tyres
Ecocontrol HP
Fulda FULDA  TyresFULDA  Tyres
Fulda Kristall Montero 3  TyresKristall Montero 3  Tyres
Kristall Montero 3
Fulda Sport Control  TyresSport Control  Tyres
Sport Control
Fulda Sport Control 2 XL TyresSport Control 2 XL Tyres
Sport Control 2 XL
Fulda Sport Control XL TyresSport Control XL Tyres
Sport Control XL
Fulda Sportcontrol XL TyresSportcontrol XL Tyres
Sportcontrol XL