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Tyre Manufacturers - Gripmax Tyres

Gripmax tyres are best known for their off road capabilities. They specialise in 4X4 and all-terrain vehicles. They provide their customers with superior performance, traction, cornering and stability on-road and off-road.  Gripmax tyres uses a self-cleaning tread pattern making their tyres excellent on all type of slippery surfaces like wet roads, snow and mud. They provide excellent traction and unmatched performance than any other tyre on the road today. Whether you have an SUV or and off-road , Grip max has got you covered.

Gripmax keep on thriving with their new technologies and manufacturing tyres in their state of the art factory, where innovation meets technology to produce perfection. No matter where you driving to on any kind of road conditions gripmax will make sure your journey is comfortable and relaxing while you reach your destination in time and safely. 

At svingontyres we have the latest and best tyre brands, no matter what type of vehicle you have whether you are looking for new tyres, used tyres or part worn tyres, we have got you covered. We have a wide range of tyres for passenger cars, vans, SUVs and 4X4 off-roaders. You can either book tyres of your choice online on our website or on ebay where we have great reviews. Or even give us a call at 01162611480, we do special offer and discounts on all brand on the spot at 229, ABBEY Lane Leicester LE4 5QH England, especially on Gripmax tyres. If you are looking for cheap gripmax tyres in Leicester or in all over UK we have the best prices and we do shipping as well.



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