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Hi Fly budget brand belongs to Shangdong Hengfeng Rubber and Plastic company, one of the largest tyre manufacturers in China. Hengfeng operates many factories that have multi-million tyre productions annually. Hengfeng export tyres to many countries internationally no matter if the market is major or minor.

Hi fly tyres have tyres for all your needs. Hi fly make summer tyres as well as winter tyres in all types like car tyres, 4X4 tyres, Van tyres and SUV tyres. Hi Fly HF 201 is available in 155/65 R13 to sizes up to 225/60 R16 and the HF 805 is available in 195/45 R16 to sizes up to 255/35 R20. If you own a SUV or a cross terrain vehicle Hi Fly HT601 SUV is a suitable choice, these are very affordable SUV tyres. Hi Fly tyres have reinforced tyres for light commercial vehicles like Hi Fly SUPER 2000.

For winter Hi Fly also have WIN-TURI 212 and WIN-TRANSIT. All these models are available online and in-store at www.savingontyres.co.uk we have a wide range of Hi Fly tyres as well as good quality part worn tyres. We have same day delivery in Leicester and all over UK. For cheap tyres and many other services related tyres and wheels like wheel alignment and wheel balancing or any vehicle repairs give us a call at 01162611480. 

HiFly Tyres Models

HiFly -  Tyres-  Tyres
HiFly All-Transit  TyresAll-Transit  Tyres
HiFly AT601  TyresAT601  Tyres
HiFly HF201  TyresHF201  Tyres
HiFly HF201 XL TyresHF201 XL Tyres
HF201 XL
HiFly HF805  TyresHF805  Tyres
HiFly HF805 XL TyresHF805 XL Tyres
HF805 XL
HiFly HH106  TyresHH106  Tyres
HiFly HH308A  TyresHH308A  Tyres
HiFly HH368  TyresHH368  Tyres
HiFly HP801 SUV  TyresHP801 SUV  Tyres
HiFly HP801 SUV XL TyresHP801 SUV XL Tyres
HiFly HT601 SUV  TyresHT601 SUV  Tyres
HiFly HT601 SUV XL TyresHT601 SUV XL Tyres
HiFly Super 2000  TyresSuper 2000  Tyres
Super 2000
HiFly Vigorous AT601  TyresVigorous AT601  Tyres
Vigorous AT601
HiFly Vigorous HP601  TyresVigorous HP601  Tyres
Vigorous HP601
HiFly Vigorous HP801  TyresVigorous HP801  Tyres
Vigorous HP801
HiFly Vigorous HP801 XL TyresVigorous HP801 XL Tyres
Vigorous HP801 XL
HiFly Vigorous HT601  TyresVigorous HT601  Tyres
Vigorous HT601
HiFly Vigorous HT601 XL TyresVigorous HT601 XL Tyres
Vigorous HT601 XL
HiFly Vigorous MT601  TyresVigorous MT601  Tyres
Vigorous MT601
HiFly Winter Transit  TyresWinter Transit  Tyres
Winter Transit
HiFly Wintermaster  TyresWintermaster  Tyres