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It has been 10 years for this brand to sell its tyres across the United State of America. Horizon Tire has been supplying tire products throughout the United States for over 10 years. The tyres manufactured by Horizon follow stringent quality standards and hence quality and performance has become synonymous with Horizon tyres. The company manufactures tyres from passenger car to commercial vehicle.The company cater the segment of summer, winter and all-weather tyres under its umbrella. 

Buying Horizon tyres online:

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Horizon Tyres Models

Horizon HU901 XL TyresHU901 XL Tyres
HU901 XL

A good choice for those who are looking for summer tyres in a budgeted range. The tyres have been designed to provide excellent road grip and suffer less from regular wear and tear. The low noise level ensures that the ride is comfortable.