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Looking for military grade car tyres, 4X4 tyres, van tyres and commercial tyres in both summer tyre and winter tyre options than look no more the best and top of the class Infinity tyres are being sold at bargain of price on www.savingontyres.co.uk , Infinity tyres are manufactured undertaking all the needs and wants of daily driver whereas manufactured under the supervision of world class engineers using the top most advance equipment to make sure that these tyres can withstand the toughest environments. These tyres are reliable, comfortable and have high performance at very affordable prices. Infinity tyres are not only secure but they have longevity and performance combined. These tyres are so reliable that these used by United Arab Emirates army. That proves their performance.

Infinity also have high performance tyres which comes in variety of sizes and options. Infinity has some seriously advance testing facilities where they test their designs before putting them into production, that’s the reason why these tyres are so comfortable and safe on each terrain. These tyres are so well designed and put together that they add more stability and control your car. These tyres fulfil all the European regulations and standards, and bear the EU label proudly. Rather than going for premium part worn tyres you should consider buying new Infinity tyres that have similar specs but at bargain prices.

Infinity tyres lines goes something like this, their top summer tyre models are Infiniti Ecomax and Infiniti Ecosis and these summer tyres are available at very cheap prices as well as their winter tyre collection like INF 049, INF 059 and Ecosnow winter tyres. These tyres come in almost all sizes for nearly every car on the road so fell free to give us a call at 01162611480.

We also offer a variety of services on tyres and cars, and we also have same day delivery in Leicester and all over the UK. We have part worn tyres with 6 to 7 mm of tread left on them so they are good alternative as well. So feel free to make a call for any queries.

Infinity Tyres Models

Infinity Eco Pioneer  TyresEco Pioneer  Tyres
Eco Pioneer
Infinity Ecomax  TyresEcomax  Tyres
Infinity Ecomax XL TyresEcomax XL Tyres
Ecomax XL
Infinity Ecopioneer  TyresEcopioneer  Tyres
Infinity Ecopioneer XL TyresEcopioneer XL Tyres
Ecopioneer XL
Infinity Ecosis  TyresEcosis  Tyres
Infinity Ecosis XL TyresEcosis XL Tyres
Ecosis XL
Infinity Ecotrek  TyresEcotrek  Tyres
Infinity Ecotrek XL TyresEcotrek XL Tyres
Ecotrek XL
Infinity Ecovantage  TyresEcovantage  Tyres
Infinity Ecozen  TyresEcozen  Tyres
Infinity Ecozen XL TyresEcozen XL Tyres
Ecozen XL
Infinity Enviro  TyresEnviro  Tyres
Infinity Enviro H/T XL TyresEnviro H/T XL Tyres
Enviro H/T XL
Infinity Enviro XL TyresEnviro XL Tyres
Enviro XL
Infinity GL699  TyresGL699  Tyres
Infinity INF-030  TyresINF-030  Tyres
Infinity INF-040  TyresINF-040  Tyres
Infinity INF-040 XL TyresINF-040 XL Tyres
INF-040 XL
Infinity INF-049  TyresINF-049  Tyres
Infinity INF-049 XL TyresINF-049 XL Tyres
INF-049 XL
Infinity INF-05  TyresINF-05  Tyres
Infinity INF-05 XL TyresINF-05 XL Tyres
Infinity INF-059  TyresINF-059  Tyres
Infinity INF-100  TyresINF-100  Tyres
Infinity INF-200  TyresINF-200  Tyres
Infinity INF-200 XL TyresINF-200 XL Tyres
INF-200 XL
Infinity LMB2  TyresLMB2  Tyres
Infinity LMC5  TyresLMC5  Tyres
Infinity LMC9  TyresLMC9  Tyres