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Tyre Manufacturers - Kumho Tyres

Kumho Tyres have been the leading producers of them since 1960. The brands manufacture the tyres for  Cars, SUV, Motorsport and Vans. Each Year the production of the tyres is over 68 million tyres which are great in numbers. Kumho employs over 5,000 employees worldwide. Focused on quality and innovation along with technical development the company has become the leading tyre company worldwide in Korea.

The company offers a wide range of the tyres starting from cars to Suv, To Vans. Specialising in performance tyres, touring tyres, general use and winter tyres for the cars. In SUV the tyres offered by the company are all-terrain tyres, mud tyres. Circuit and rally tyres for motorsport vehicles. 

Using the latest technology combined with silica compound for Ultra-High-Performance Tyre for Sports Cars. Proving the following features:

•    Precise response & Excellent handling performance

•    Outstanding stability  at High speed 

•    Extremely short braking distance on dry roads

•    Extremely low noise to make your ride more comfortable

•    Optimum performance on wet roads  providing excellent traction

•    Great construction for safety and braking

•    Available for midsize saloons, luxury and sports cars

•    The  new tread pattern design and 3D sipes gives excellent traction on snow and ice roads

•    Proper marking of M+S and snowflake (3PMSF)

Kumho Providing the endless list of the features to make the drive safest, the company is continually making the efforts to make the drive safe and comfortable.  Kumho is best known for its exceptional performance for people who are looking for high-speed stability and excellent all-around performance. Best Kumho Tyres Models are:

•    WinterCraft WP71

•    WinterCraft WP51

•    IZEN KW27

•    Solus KH21

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