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Tyre Manufacturers - Meteor Tyres

Meteor tyres brand is based in Taiwan, manufactures high quality budget tyres with a unique combination of technology and safety. These tyres are available for a wide range of vehicles with uncompromised quality. No matter what the terrain is or the weather, they have them all. Meteor produces summer tyres, winter tyres as well as all-season tyres. Meteor tyres have all the international legal certifications which means they have fulfil all the need and wants in the European tyre laws. And yes! They have EU certification and wear the label proudly.

Meteor tyres combine quality and technology with safety, so that their products can keep you safe on the road. These tyres are manufactured used a special rubber compound which means they are comfortable as well. All of their tyres are designed specifically for different road conditions and specific cars, so the brochure is big to choose from. These tyres can perform on all terrains depending upon if you have chosen the right tyre.

At Savingontyres we have a full range of Meteor tyres for all your needs. We also do part worn tyres. You can order your tyres online and your tyres will be delivered same day in where in Leicester and all over the UK. We also have tons of other services. For any queries please give us a call on 01162611480.



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