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Michelin is one of the most traditional tyre manufacturers worldwide. What began in 1891 with the repair of a bicycle tyre and the subsequent development of a pneumatic tyre for cars is now one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. Michelin tyres were the first without a tube, and it was also Michelin tyres, which were the first to be described as "green tyres" due to their low rolling resistance and high durability.

MICHELIN car tyres for absolutely every requirement

Michelin offers a wide selection of tyres with different handling characteristics. With the tyres from the EnergySaverTM range, Michelin even offers an eco-friendly tyre for compact and mid-range vehicles as well as for electric vehicles. The Primacy and the Pilot sports models are the Michelin tyres for luxury vehicles and fast sports cars. 

Motorsport for the road

All MICHELIN car tyres are based on technologies tested in motorsports. 23 Total wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, as well as numerous victories in the Formula 1 are on the Michelin account. The experience gained from motorsports, where tyres are subjected to even more extreme conditions than in road traffic, are continually used by Michelin to improve the material and driving characteristics of its vehicle tyres.

MICHELIN - always convincing in tests

In five different summer tyre tests, different MICHELIN summer tyres were satisfying with results in the top three. The winter tyres also left a positive impression on the testers. During the winter tyre tests, three Michelin tyres were among the top three.

Innovation and continuous improvement

At Michelin, progress and development are seen as an obligation. The history of the traditional company is the best proof. MICHELIN are often pioneers of technologies which later become standard. The latest addition is the MICHELIN EverGrip technology, which offers outstanding handling characteristics and high safety even with low-profile depth.

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