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About Nokian Tyres: Nokian founded in 1932 in Nokia, Finland. Nokian is the only brand providing permanent winter testing in the world. Nokian Tyres offers various types of tyres to cater passenger cars, SUV’s, Van, Truck and heavy tyres designed for optimum customer satisfaction and safety. The tyres are built for every season and different conditions like following

Winter tyres 

Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9/8 comes with studs engraved onto the tyres that provide extreme grip that adapts any level of the winter season. The distinctive and patented Nokian Tyres Stud Concept is the main feature that lures everyone. Along with stability it also provides reduced noise and fuel consumption

Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 are simple and non-studded tyres giving the comfort. Excellent grip and handling on any road.  Grants the  least rolling resistance with less fuel consumption

Summer tyres comes 

Nokian zLine that is expert in responding to steering even on extreme wet roads. These are very stable and are fully noise controlled Designed for powerful cars. Giving precise handling at high speeds.

 All Weather

Nokian Weatherproof offers excellent safety and durability. Also marked with Snowflake symbol (3PMSFindicating that the tyres have been officially approved for winter use. Of course, these are super on snow with good grip on wet roads with stability and reliability

Other ranges cover the model like Nokian Rockproof, Nokian zLine SUV, Nokian cLine Van, Nokian WR C3, Nokian Hakkapeliitta C3 and many more models.

The durability comes from the unique structure they follow which is Aramid Reinforced Structure that makes the brand stands out among so many companies. The spontaneous response time of the steering makes it an outstanding brand. The brand focuses on the extreme weather conditions eventually giving the long-term satisfaction of the customer using the natural rubber as the raw material in additional to synthetic rubber, every tyres undergoes visual and machine stress inspection, so that the safety be always with you.

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