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Nordexx is a global tyre brand which offers tyrs for variegated customer requirement. The company ensures manufacturing tyres which are of superior quality and matches the European and American standards. It employs the state-of-the-art technology to manufacture tyre. Also, Nordexx is known for manufacturing budgeted and economical tyres. offering the highest level of customer satisfaction and exceeding all modern consumer expectations 

Nordexx offers a range of summer and winter tyres passenger cars and winter tyres for commercial vans. 

Buying Nordexx tyres online:

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Nordexx Tyres Models

Nordexx -  Tyres-  Tyres
Nordexx NC1100  TyresNC1100  Tyres
Nordexx NS3000  TyresNS3000  Tyres

The summer tyres from Nordexx have designed for high performance. The tyres are good to be used in small and mid ranged vehicle. Moreover, the asymmetric pattern  provides a comfortable ride and low noise level. The tyres deliver constant performance and have a long life. 

Nordexx NS3000 XL TyresNS3000 XL Tyres
NS3000 XL
Nordexx NS5000  TyresNS5000  Tyres
Nordexx NS5000 XL TyresNS5000 XL Tyres
NS5000 XL

The summer tyres NS 5000 XL has been designed to run well even at high speed. It has no directional tread pattern which helps in providing good grip on the road. The tyre has a solid center tread block which makes the vehicle stable. 

Nordexx NS9000  TyresNS9000  Tyres
Nordexx NS9000 XL TyresNS9000 XL Tyres
NS9000 XL

The summer tyres from Nordexx have specially designed tread which offers great grip on the road. The asymmetric tread pattern helps in reducing the noise level making the ride more comfortable. It increases the fuel-efficiency of the vehicle and low CO2 emission rate.

Nordexx Stratus  TyresStratus  Tyres

This Nordexx Tyres has been designed for high performance. The tyre has specially designed tread pattern which offers great grip on the road and also helps in reducing the noise level. Being a budgeted tyres, these are very popular amongest those who are looking for affordable and high-performing...

Nordexx Tamaro  TyresTamaro  Tyres

Tamaro is a summer tyre from Nordexx and has been designed to perform well even at high speed.The tyres have lesser CO2 emissions and hence are environment-friendly. Moreover, the special tread pattern offers grip on the road and reduces the noise level.