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Toyo Tyres Company is a Japanese tyre manufacturer founded back in 1945. Toyo tyres come in all types like summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres. Toyo Tyre Company manufactures tyres for all your needs for all types of vehicles. These tyres are available as passenger car tyres, 4X4 tyres, full off-road tyres, commercial tyres, light weight truck tyres and SUV tyres as well as Racing tyres for street and track. No matter what type of tyres you want, they have them all.


Toyo tyres found in 1945, manufactures high quality tyres with specs of a high performance premium tyres at mid-range prices. These tyres are exported and sold in more than 100 countries including the UK and all over the Europe. These tyres have successfully passed all the tests and wear all the EU certification labels proudly. Toyo tyres headquarters are located in Japan in Osaka. Toyo tyres are a big supporter of motorsports. They manufacture many tyre models specifically for the race track.

Development and technology

Toyo’s technical centre is located in Itami, Japan. Toyo spends a lot of money in research every year to stay in the lead. Their development facility is one of the world’s most advanced tyre research and development facility. With the help of their development team, toyo produces some the best high performance tyres with their unique patterns and tread designs. Toyo offers high value tyres that offer grip over all terrains. Their products come with technologies like water dispersion and sipes for better traction on wet roads, muddy terrains and snow. Toyo’s off-road patters, strong and flexible sidewalls and unique rubber compound in their off-road tyres make their performance unbeatable when off-roading.

Comfort and ride quality

Toyo tyres have low rolling resistance and low rolling noise while providing grip on any type of road, which makes these tyres extremely comfortable and reliable for you and your family. Toyo tyres are manufactured using special rubber compound which makes these tyres do more miles but still are soft enough to absorb bumps without blowing up adding more cushion to your daily driving. These tyres add more performance and comfort to whichever car or vehicle they are put on.

About us

At savingontyres we have a full range of toyo tyres in stock for all your needs. We provide a variety of services at very-very affordable prices. We have toyo tyres in cheap prices online. We have toyo tyres online as well as in store. Please confirm and book tyres of your choice online or via phone, just give us a call on 01162611480. We have same day delivery in Leicester and all over the UK(T&C applied).



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