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We have Victorun is a run-flat tyre (run-flat tyres lets you drive up to speeds of 50 MPH for about 10 to 20 miles of distance in case of a blow out or a puncture). victorun tyres provides comfort and performance with its optimum tread design. Its asymmetrical tread pattern gives you precision handling and stability when cornering hard. victorun tyres has an amazing water dispersion system because of its four wide circumferential straight grooves. Tread patterns on both sides of the tyre are different which helps improving handling on dry as well as wet roads. This model works best on cars that are specially equipped to support RunOnFlat technology. 

About us 

We have victorun tyres at a very attractive and affordable price. Our price on this model is the cheapest than anywhere else in the UK. If you choose to buy this tyre than you have made a great choice and we can deliver this tyre to you same day in Leicester and even all over the UK.  We also have other services, for them or for making any queries please give us a call at 01162611480.



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