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About Vredestein Tyres: Vredestein B.V, also known as Apollo Vredestein B.V. founded in 1909 in Netherlands. Over 100 years of manufacturing premium tyres, now this brand has established itself in the automotive industry.  Earlier it was named as Loosduinen. After globalisation in 1970, the demand of the time was an increased focus on cars. 

Now the scenarios are that the company manufactures over six million summer, winter and four-season tyres in Enschede every year.

The main R&D of the company are in Chennai, India and Enschede, the Netherlands. The company focuses on developing the products, finding new technology and implementing that to market the entire world.  Various high-end activities are performed to bring out a branded and quality product. Engineering professionals involved come from very diverse backgrounds to form the backbone of our R&D.

Well known for the manufacturing of high-performance summer and winter tyres, the Vredestein has an eye for detail and design which is why they have collaborated with Italian design consultancy.

The material used in the tyres is of high grade and tested extensively. It is a great tyre when it comes to costing and quality plus ensuring 100% safety. With its exceptional grip, durability and high performance it’s the best choice.

It Offers :

•    Summer Tyres

•    Winter Tyres

•    All Season Tyres

•    Premium Styling Tyres

•    Classic Tyres

•    Light Truck

•    RunFlat

•    Space Master

The Vredestein offers an ultra-high performance tyre regarding grip, braking in any weather.  The new models are improvised to provide excellent steering and handling characteristics. The design of Ultrac Sessanta has turned out to be revolutionary due to Giugiaro Design with the linear pattern to give optimum performance. The various models of Vredestein tyres offer the most comfortable and safe tyres. For, e.g., The Sportrac 5  tyres ranks excellent in sporty driving ability and stability

The low air ratio, when combined with asymmetric grooves, provides optimum grip and a short braking distance.  With the perfectly designed tread pattern, the grooves in the middle section of the tread are subtle along with an optimised tread depth to make the tyre efficient. The features that are great is the low level of noise it follows smart wide tread patterns and longitudinal grooves. The brand offers a great range of Ultra-high-performance tyres for all kinds of vehicles.



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