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Westlake Tyre Company founded back in 1958 in china is the largest tyre manufacturer in china. Westlake belongs to Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company. Westlake offers a wide range of tyres for all your needs. Westlake has winter tyres, summer tyres as well all-season tyres. Westlake has an annual production of 20 million passenger car tyres, light truck tyres and CUV/SUV tyres and more than 80 million motorcycle and bicycle tyres, about 10 million radial CUV tyres and over 4 million Bias tyres. Westlake provides great value for money products. 

Westlake Tyres quality:

Westlake tyres company put a lot of money in development and research department to stay ahead in tyre industry, not only when it comes to prices but as well as quality. Westlake tyres go through many quality tests before they go in production and before they are exported to European market. Westlake tyres meet all the regulations and safety standards in UK and Europe. They are EU certified and come with ECE (Economic Commission of Europe) label as well as the US department of transportation (DOT). 

About us

At savingontyres we have a full range of Westlake tyres online. We have part worn tyres as well. We do same day delivery in Leicester and all over the UK (T&C applied). We do tons of other services as well. For any queries please visit our website or give us a call on 01162611480. You can also check our positive reviews from our customer on ebay. 

Westlake Tyres Models

Westlake RP18  TyresRP18  Tyres

Westlake RP18 is an all-season tyre.

Westlake RP28  TyresRP28  Tyres
Westlake SA07  TyresSA07  Tyres
Westlake SA07 XL TyresSA07 XL Tyres

Westlake SA07 XL is designed for performance cars to enhance handling and traction without losing comfort and fuel efficiency.

Westlake SA37  TyresSA37  Tyres
Westlake SA37 XL TyresSA37 XL Tyres
Westlake SC301  TyresSC301  Tyres
Westlake SC328  TyresSC328  Tyres
Westlake SL305  TyresSL305  Tyres
Westlake SP06  TyresSP06  Tyres
Westlake SU307  TyresSU307  Tyres

Westlake SV307 enhances dynamic capabilities of performance cars.

Westlake SU318  TyresSU318  Tyres
Westlake SW601  TyresSW601  Tyres

Westlake SW601 is a winter tyre.