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Winda is a budget tyre brand. Winda produces cheap and durable tyres for cars, 4X4s and vans. Winda tyres give you smooth and comfortable driving experience. Winda was the first tyre manufacturer brand in south china that produces SUV, UHP, Light truck tyres, car tyres and snow tyres. Winda is very popular in the international market. These tyres are exported in more than 100 countries worldwide. 

About Winda

Winda invests a lot in research and development. Their father investor south china tire & rubber company put a lot in their high tech operation. Their laboratory is recognised by china national accreditation service as national accreditation tire inspection and testing laboratory. 

At savingontyres we offer good quality Winda tyres at very-very affordable prices. We have Winda’s new asymmetric tyres, these tyres lowers road noise and make your ride quality much smoother and comfortable and gives you better handling. We have tons of services regarding tyres and wheels, and other services regarding vehicles. For more information and queries give us a call at 01162611480. We have same day delivery in Leicester and all over the UK(T&C applied).



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