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Windforce tyres, a tyre brand based in Shangdong in China is the top tyre manufacturer and market leader in the country. Windforce is best known for its radial tyres which they manufacture for all types of vehicles, including passenger car tyres, truck tyres, bus tyres, SUV tyres as well as 4X4 tyres. The Windforce tyres brand is not only well known domestically but also internationally for their high quality products.

Windforce only uses world class equipment and modern technology to manufacture their tyres. All their products go through very strict quality tests before leaveing the plant.

All their products are designed according to the customer requirements worldwide and they keep on bringing new technologies and improvements into their products.

Windforce makes sure that their products are all premium quality and when put to the test they always pass. Windforce has ECE and US DOT certifications, so their customers can rely on their products anywhere in the world.

Windforce always make sure their products are up to the standards to compete the premium brands. Windforce tyres are high quality products and these tyres are availableat very affordable prices. They have earned respect and trust from their customers by providing them not only excellent customer service Competition in the tyre industry - and especially in the budget tyre branch is very tough, so for Windforce it is not only about selling tyres, it’s about keeping the good relationship with their customers through producing tyres to their full satisfaction at all times.

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