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Zenises is a multinational company based in the United Kingdom. Zenises has offices all over the world in countries like Germany, Spain, South Africa and UAE. The company has a motto that is to provide the best customer service in the world. Zenises believes in quality than quantity. They believe they rather be the best tyre manufacturers than being the biggest but if you provide customers top quality products and excellent customer service you will eventually become the leader in the industry. They have decades of experience in tyre industry which they are now using in manufacturing some of the best tyres. Zenises works with the best in class production facilities to ensure product quality and monitor customer needs and wants regularly. Zenises works with their customers and what they need. Zenises employees put teamwork and effort to ensure Zenises’s success and every single day they keeps on getting closer and closer to their goal step by step that is to be the best.  

Innovation and technology

Zenises encourage individual creativity in their team which is a vital necessity if one wants to be the best. This often results in great achievements and innovations. Their team efforts often come up with revolutionary ideas and technologies. It’s amazing that their employees put their personal interests behind and company’s best interests ahead and their dedication for customer satisfaction. 

About Us

At savingontyres we have tyres from Zenises at very reasonable prices online. We have car tyres online, SUV tyres online and run-flat tyres online. We have same day delivery in Leicester and all over the UK. We have tons of services, for more information on them please gives us a call on 01162611480. You can book tyres of your choice as wellif you want to buy them few days later but still want them at the current price.



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