UK Law Information on Tyres

Tread Depth Tyre Requirements in UK

For lightweight commercial vehicles and passenger cars having ‘Gross Vehicle Weight’ till 3500 kg, minimum legal tread depth for the tyres must not be below 1.6 mm, across central 3/4 of tread’s breadth, in continuous band that spans around whole tyre’s circumference.

The vehicle must be fitted using appropriate size and type of tyre according to the purpose for which it will be used. It is also necessary to inflate them to appropriate pressure recommended by the manufacturers for load they will have to carry on them.

The Penalties 

According to the present law, penalty for the tyres that are worn below minimum legal limits is 3 penalty points along with £2500 fine for each tyre at most.

Is it necessary to wait till the tyre reaches a depth of 1.6mm?

To put it simply, no!! When tyres are exposed to wet they start losing their effectiveness quite dramatically especially when the remaining depth falls below 3 mm. Around and at 1.6 mm depth, it won’t be possible for the tyre to disperse water quickly enough for avoiding potential control loss and aquaplaning. As soon as the tyre’s remaining depth falls below 3 mm,but is still above 1.6 mm, it is always recommended that you should go for an immediate replacement. Alternately, you can opt to adjust your speed and driving style for the wet conditions.

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