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Most people are highly dependent on their vehicles. This fact makes it most important to keep your vehicle in good and safe working order.

Therefore the importance of regular vehicle checks and services should not be underestimated. We strongly recommend to follow the manufacturers instructions and recommendations on servicing and routine checks. Please do not ignore the service light when appearing on your dash board.

If you leave your vehicle un-serviced for too long, vital parts of it can become severely damaged, which can potentially cause you lots of trouble and unnecessary costs.

We at Saving on tyres have so much more to offer than "just" tyres.

In our fully equipped, modern workshop we are able to offer the full range of services for your vehicle.

Our regularly trained, certified and highly motivated experts will be happy to look after your car.

You can choose from different service options:
1. Interim service:

Usually carried out every six months.

Recommended for vehicles being constantly in use and doing high mileage drives.

2. Full service:

Recommended by car manufacturers in their service schedules. This service should normally be carried out once a year.

3. Major service:

The ultimate service if you want to make sure every essential component in the vehicle is safe and works accurately.

Recommended every 2 years.

Why not combine one of our services with your next MOT?

This is the most practical and cost effective way to care for your vehicle - everything done in only appointment and at only one place.

Having your vehicle serviced regularly has many advantages:
  • Increased product life
  • Better protection against accidents
  • Best fuel economy
  • 100% peace of mind
  • Regular service stamps also increase the value of your car in case you want to sell it.
Please contact us for recommendations and a free non- obligatory quote.

Our team is very flexible so we are able to offer you appointments at your convenience - even on short notice.

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