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How can you protect yourself, your passengers and your vehicle against accidents? Apart from your own behavior as a driver, you need to maintain your vehicles good condition. Proper wheel alignment, also known as tracking is one of the most critical aspects when it comes vehicle maintenance. Precise tracking - or more accurately described, wheel alignment, ensures excellent road grip and control on a wide range of surfaces - a vital component in vehicle safety.

Wheel Alignment

As a trusted wheel alignment/ tracking specialist in Leicester, we offer the best solutions to all types of wheel alignment problems and our services guarantee a smooth, safe and comfortable drive for our customers.

In our modern workshop, we use the latest computer technology, the ultimate "Hunter wheel alignment system" .There are not many garages in the Leicester area equipped with this special and highly advanced wheel alignment system. Even professional motor traders and other garages come to us to use this special service.

Hunter Wheel Alignment

Only our most experienced and specially trained technicians will do the tracking/alignment on your vehicle.

They take pride in the work they do and they will be happy to show you on the computer screen exactly at which points alignment is necessary.

That way you can also be sure, you are not being charged for something that does not need doing...

Once the work has been completed, you can certainly have a look at the "before and after" print outs.

So if you want accurate, cheap tracking/wheel alignment in Leicester, please contact us.

You might find our wheel alignment service slightly more costly than what small "old style" garages would charge, but our service puts wheel alignment/tracking on a different level. But please don't worry, we still do our best to keep the prices affordable for everybody.

In the long run, it is even a lot cheaper.

These are only a few of the benefits with our wheel alignment/tracking service:
  • Maximum safety
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Optimal vehicle control
  • Amazing grip on all types of surfaces
  • Long life span of car tyres

This service is absolutely accurate and time-saving - no guess work, no coming back to the workshop again and again because it "still needs a tiny bit more adjusting..."

We make no compromise in the quality of our work!

Wheel alignment explained:

For example, if your car pulls to one side while you are driving, or brakes unevenly is real safety risk. In the long run it will also cost you more money as your tyres and brakes will wear off quicker and irregularly. This can irritate your steering system and damage the suspension of your car.

Therefore we strongly advise to get a vehicles wheel alignment/tracking checked regularly - either as part of the regular routine service, after you've had new tyres fitted, after suspension repairs- or if you are experiencing issues already to get them sorted as soon as possible. Even hitting a curb, a pot hole or an animal on the road can have a negative effect on your vehicles alignment.

As mentioned above, we only use the best and latest technical equipment for tracking/wheel alignment testing to achieve the optimum of accuracy.

Our Hunter Technology system can adjust to each vehicle make- and vehicle model to make absolutely sure, the wheel alignment adjustments are exactly to the right manufacturers specifications.

Wheel alignment/tracking basically means measuring plus correcting the suspension angles- and components of the car so the wheels stand parallel to each other and the vehicle drives straight again.

There are three different ways of wheel alignment:

Front alignment

The basic "toe-in/toe-out alignment" option to fix an alignment issue.

Usually carried out after the front of your vehicle had to take an impact for example after hitting a pothole, a curve or an animal while driving.

The front axle of the vehicle is being measured and adjusted, resulting in improved road grip and fuel efficiency, reduced rolling resistance and extended life of your tyres.

The Thrust alignment

This kind of tracking takes the front- end alignment further by also aligning the thrust angle. All four wheels are squared with each other.

This kind of alignment is most recommended for vehicles with a solid rear suspension, after a chassis damage repair and after accidents where the suspension was hit.

The Four-wheel alignment

The optimal solution for cars and a 4WD with a four- wheel independent suspension. Also for a front wheel drive vehicle with adjustable rear suspension.

"Toe-in" and "Toe-out"

This simply means the tilt angle between the front tyres compared to angle of the rear tyres. Different vehicles have different angles - some are further apart, some are closer towards each other.


An expression pertaining to the direct tilt angle of tyres as specified by vehicle manufacturers.

The tyre angle has a direct effect on the surface grip of the tyres while driving.

Our alignment specialists will certainly explain and discuss the advantages - and disadvantages of certain tyre angles with you if necessary.


The caster angle influences the steering directly.

There's the "positive caster" - our technicians will always aim to maximize it for vehicles with power steering to make secure the straight line stability during driving.

A "negative caster" refers to the steering axle facing towards the rear. It's been used in the past and can still be found in older vehicles.

Either of the two casters have to be symmetrical otherwise the vehicle will be pulling to one side during driving.

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