Hyundai Tyres

There are a number of facts, in fact fun facts about tyres which are still not known to the people. A huge population drives a car everyday but if we ask them about some simple tyre facts then they won't be able to give an answer. Hyundai is considered as a huge brand both in the car and tyre world. Hyundai cars are popular for their style, grace and comfort-ability which is present in every Hyundai model. The following article will guide you about the best Hyundai model tyres for various Hyundai cars.

  1. Hyundai i10 - This car has won the best car of the year in 2008 because of its excellent performance and comfortablility level. The car tyres for i10 were made in accordance with the buildup of the car and the best match for this model is 155/80R13. When the cheap Hyundai tyres are complementing the structure of the car that is when you know that such a car can be a great hit among the audience.
  2. Hyundai Xcent - Hyundai Xcent is a luxurious car which is a proper combination of luxury and comfort. The car is capable of giving you a good leg space and amazing driving experience. The right tyre for Hyundai Xcent is 165/65 r14. This helps the car balance well and also allows it to travel in places with a stone path or worse road conditions.
  3. Hyundai Verna - Hyundai Verna is a name which is counted among the top luxury cars of India. With automatic gear system, Hyundai Verna is available in both petrol and diesel options as per the convenience and choice of the customers. The perfect tyre matches for Verna car are 185/65 R15 and 195/55 R16. They are the right reasons due to which this car is able to perform extraordinarily.
  4. Hyundai SUV Santa Fe - SUV is the new face of the car world which is winning over a huge part of population every day. SUV is a luxury cum adventurous car which meets every need of an adventurer in every way. To perform and rise up to the expectations of the owners, right tyres need to be installed in the vehicle. 235/60 R18 is the true mate of Hyundai SUV Santa Fe which makes it a wonderful car as a whole.

Hyundai car models are absolutely stunning in their design and model without a doubt but the real credit for their performance goes to their correctly fitted Hyundai tyres online which makes them the best out of the lot. For further assistance you can visit their website.

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