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Welcome to Saving on Tyres Ltd. These days most of us are being forced to safe money wherever we can. So almost every owner of a car etc. is looking for the best deal and cheap - but safe tyres. This is certainly not an easy task, since there are so many tyre dealers out there, there is a huge competition out there offering all sorts of "cheap tyres" and "Super deals". But not every dealer out there is good - and not all the cheap tyres available on the market are really that good and safe. There are so many cheap tyre brands available on the market but not all of them are really good, genuine quality products and not all of them are good value for money in the end either. Quite many of the "cheap tyres" out there are being made with lower quality rubber material so the tread will wear off much quicker. These tyre's road grip might even be a lot less compared to good quality tyres and they are also more vulnerable to getting punctures and lumps in the side walls after a while, only to mention a couple of problems here that you might have to deal with when driving with certain budget tyres- and we are not just talking about a little inconvenience - we are talking about your safety here!

So, you might be worried now and ask yourself: "How can I find a good, reliable and trustworthy tyre trader and/or garage and how can I buy cheap tyres that are not just cheap but also safe and reliable?"

You will be happy to hear, that you don't need to look any further.

On our website you can find a full range of quality tyres for absolutely every budget. Buy cheap tyres online conveniently and at the most affordable prices right here on the Saving on Tyres Ltd. website. The tyres we sell on our website are especially selected for our customers and even come with a proper warranty. We are constantly working hard to choose the best quality tyres for our customers. So you don't need to worry at all when buying from us. Buy cheap price tyres at Saving on Tyres. If you are not sure which tyres to buy, please just give us a call. We will be happy to help. Our friendly, highly experienced team will be able to give expert advice and suggest the right tyres for your needs and your budget.

You could also just type in your vehicle reg. number and/or tyre size into our search engine on our website and you will see which tyres we recommend for your vehicle. Please also keep an eye out for our special offers.

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These days there are so many options for vehicle owners to buy cheap tyres online. Not only can you buy from sellers in the UK, no, you can basically buy from retailers all over the world. The problem though is, do you know how good they really are? Are these tyres as good as these retailers want to make you believe? Are they even genuine? Cheap price tyres are not always as good as they may seem...quite a few budget tyres are cheap for a reason...

It's easy to buy from abroad, but in case something goes wrong, you will more likely face major problems with these retailers as quite often they "don't want to know you anymore" after you have bought from them.

Please don't forget, tyres are one of the most important parts of your vehicle when it comes to safety.

So do not make any compromises here. You need to buy from a retailer you can trust and you can contact if you need help and advice etc.

Our promise to you: Cheap prices, high quality, top safety!

We at Saving on Tyres Ltd.have been in this business for many years and have a very, very good reputation locally, Uk-wide and even in Europe with lots of repeat customers who trust- and recommend us. We are specialized in passenger car tyres. We always have a wide range of quality car tyres available online starting from top premium brands over to top mid-range brands and to quality budget tyre brands.

We have tyres for all your needs: No matter whether you "only" drive short distances locally or you are doing a lot of miles on motorways etc., we have the right tyres for everyone.

Please have a good look at our extensive, specially selected range of car tyres online. If you are having difficulties to decide which ones are suitable for your purposes and vehicle, please just give us a call. Our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you seven days a week.

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Cheap 4X4 Tyres
4X4 Tyres

If you own a SUV, MUV or CUV vehicle and need good quality, but still cheap 4X4 tyres, please look no further. You have come to the right website. You will be spoilt for choice here and you will be pleasantly surprised about our prices and great customer service. We are dedicated to provide tyres at affordable prices and to full customer satisfaction.

Cheap price tyres for all your needs at

From premium brand tyres to mid-range tyres to budget tyres, from your passenger car to your 4X4, van etc. etc., we have tyres for all needs and purposes.

We have summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres, semi slick tyres and so much more.... Just buy cheap tyres online with guaranteed quality - no matter which price range you buy from. Your safety is our top priority - no compromises here!

Thank you very much for reading. So, now have a good look at our extensive range of tyres and choose the ones you like with complete peace of mind.

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