Wheel Nut Removal

Need to change your tyres but don't have the key to open the locking wheel nuts?

Please do not try to open them yourself with screw drivers etc. You can badly damage your wheels - and you can hurt yourself!

This is a job for experts with the right equipment. This is a job for us at Saving on tyres. We offer the most advanced and reliable wheel nut removal service.With our advanced technical equipment we are able to remove wheel nuts without causing any damage to the wheel. If you have lost or damaged the key to open the wheel locking nuts, please just contact our expert team. We will solve this problem for you fast, noninvasive and inexpensive.

Enjoy these benefits with our wheel nut removal services
  • Safe and fast removal of locking wheel nuts
  • Mobile services for emergency situations
  • Removal services for all makes and models
  • • If you want to know more about this service, please contact us.

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