Saving on tyres – the only motto to let you “truly save” on tyres!

We welcome you to the world of tyres, from info to installations; you will get everything from us under one roof. Save on tyres, is a well-established and leading full-service automotive showroom in Leicester. We are serving the society for so many years with our widest assortment of services. Investing on tyres is like investing in your safety, and hence such decisions need to be made very wisely. The roads that you drive on, the way you drive, and the vehicle you possess is what you should always keep in mind before you make any purchase. We offer all the great brands of tyres that are not only essential for good driving experiences but also for your safety and to allow you to ploy easily on roads such as:-

  • Pirelli Tyres
  • Continental tyres
  • Michelin tyres
  • Goodyear tyres
  • Bridgestone tyres
  • Dunlop Tyres
  • Yokohama tyres
  • Hankook tyres
  • Firestone tyres
  • Falken tyres
  • Nokian Tyres
  • Vredestein tyres
  • Kumho tyres and much more for all your makes and models, with access to availability in different sizes at guaranteed lower price quotes.

We are proud to stock these favourite customer brands. We stock only quality tyres that are durable, fuel-efficient, secure and deliver higher performances. We will also help you in cracking the tyre code embedded on their sidewalls. We will guide with all the necessary info that will help you to know your vehicle or its tyres in a better way.


All tasks are performed by our expert team that is solely employed for having core knowledge about tyres, cars, repairs, their maintenance and much more. No matter you are looking for car tyres, batteries, vehicle servicing, etc., you are indeed at the right place. We also offer the facility of oil change service to our clients. And yes! Don’t forget to check our special discounts on brake services, suspensions parts, etc. If you are unsure about what to choose, how to choose, or having any automotive query or doubts, please feel free to contact us or visit our store and our experts will provide you with best and honest replies. We will love to hear from you.

Mobile Tyre Fitting and repair services for Cars, XUVs, 4x4, light trucks and Run Flat Tyres- we come to you to save your time

Not only do we supply premium tyres, but also offer professional mobile tyre fitting services for all kind of vehicles as per your convenience at your home or workplace. We will come to your doorsteps in our mobile fitting vans that are totally equipped with automotive gauges and equipment to serve you and to save your valuable time. Our technicians can also perform brake repair, tyre repairs and disc services etc at your place only. Therefore, you need not stay in long queues, we will come to u!

You and safety are most important

Like the performance of the car depends on the engine like the pickup, speed, mileage the same way safety of a vehicle depends on its tyres. The tread depth of a tyre is very important to make an excellent grip and hold on the road. Not only the tread depth but also the pressure and alignment are equally responsible for the safety of the vehicle.

It is important to take care of the replacement of tyres do takes places when the tread reaches 3mm, that’s the best time to replace the tyres to avoid any accident or damage to the vehicle or family member. The pressure in the vehicle must be just correct according to the handbook and recommendations, as under inflated or over inflated tyre can cause the unnecessary tear and wear of the tyre resulting in the short life of the tyre. Under-inflation results in higher rolling resistance, that means and extra pressure on engine to move the vehicle. For a longer life span, comfortable ride and efficient performance it’s important to get it checked periodically.

The care has to be taken while changing or choosing the tyre. The tyre has to be chosen according to need and the usability of the car. Here are few types of the vehicles the tyre fits in Passenger metric(P), Light Truck(LT), Temporary Spare(T). Special Trailers(ST). Besides these check all the fitment codes and the marking on the tyres.

  • RE means Reinforced
  • RF means Run Flat
  • XL means Extra Load
  • WW means White Wall
  • OW means Outline White Lettering
  • MS means Mud and Snow
  • AS means Asymmetric
  • NO means Porsche Fitment
  • N1 means Porsche Fitment
  • N2 means Porsche Fitment
  • N3 means Porsche Fitment
  • C1 means Chrysler Fitment
  • K1 means Ferrari Fitment
  • B means Audi/Bentley/Continental GT Fitment
  • G1 means Various Fitment
  • A means Renault Espace 4 Fitment
  • means BMW Fitment
  • MO means Mercedes Fitment
  • J means Jaguar Fitment
  • 6PR means 6 Ply
  • 8PR means 8 Ply
  • 10PR means 10 Ply

Top rated online seller

Saving on tyres is ranked among the top best sellers of tyres. We make your online shopping completely hassle free; all you need to do is choose the appropriate tyres and their size. You can save 30-40% of your money. We offer secured payment options for you so that you can securely check out. You can further check our customer reviews for the quality of tyres that are timely dispatched. You can feel confident with your purchases from us. We keep on updating our existing customers with new discounts, offers and deals on tyres through our online web portal.Our online business will make it easy for u to select from the widest range ever possible, no matter you are urging for winter, summer or all season tyres. We also provide free shipping to some areas.

Book your MOT today

Book your MOT today and get substantial discounts on it. You can book it as per your schedule and conveniences. We will help your vehicle in becoming environmentally friendly and legal on the UK roads. We also offer pre-MOT sessions too to avoid any chance of failure in the MOT, in which we will look deeply into all the aspects of the vehicles.


We keep on announcing new offers and discounts on daily or weekly to let our customers make the best use of our services and their money. We have discounts available on bulk orders and even on single tyres, just give us a call we will let you know the prevailing discounts. But yes, you will be definitely saving on prices but not on quality for sure, so feel free to get benefit from these offers. Every tyre, we have stocked or put on sale, undergoes various inspections to make sure that they are completely safe for the drivers.

Budgeted tyres

Saving on tyres, offers the best budgeted or cheap tyres for our customers. These are nearly new tyres that have almost 5 to 8mm of tread depth remaining that means you can drive thousands of miles with them and with all the essential markings on them to make them legal on the roads. We will let our customers know about the history of these tyres and won’t hide anything from them.

Meet the challenge of any weather or road

No matter, what road you drive on, our tyres won’t disappoint u in any weather conditions. They offer perfect traction, higher griping levels and handling even on snowy or icy terrains.

Best Warranty

We ensure that we own and sell only genuine tyres and products that are legitimately sourced from the manufacturers and sources. We offer high levels of warranty on all the services and tyres so that your vehicles can have better cornering in different conditions and can safely halt, ending up with a confident driving.

We have economy tyres that solve all your purposes intended to have long life and solid grips. Low profile tyres are also available for the consumers that drive less and hence don’t want to spend much on tyres. Being low profile tyres, they won’t cushion your ride. For XUVs and SUVs, we have tyres that can dramatically improve the grip levels and have higher load indexes.

Why us?

  • We have massive selling power.
  • Strong market profile and reputation.
  • Offers access to major tyre brands.
  • Lower price quotes.
  • High-class product range.
  • Mobile servicing available
  • Web presence at www.savingontyres.co.uk
  • Online booking of appointments and assistance.
  • A network of professional employees etc.
  • Computerized wheel alignment
  • Extensive and contented customer database.
  • Able to promptly meet customer’s needs.

We love to hear from our customers, and proud to state that our entire business in shaped by our clients, their feedbacks and appreciations

Our international vision

We have a long-term global vision, to lead in the tyre industry and automotive services. We are growing more and more in the UK market through our efficient management, latest technologies, superior level customer services and quality products.

  • We will keep ahead of the new technologies and developments in the tyre industry.
  • We offer a range of quality products and do not compromise on quality and client safety.
  • We are and will remain clear in our public advertising and statements.
  • We have the safest working environment for our employees.

We deal in all kind of car tyres, so basically we are one stop for you. You get what you want, we definitely believe in customer satisfaction and safety.

We are more than just a tyre supplier for our customers. We are your companions that will always give you best advises for your driving needs. We use only best equipment and art of tech to repair and install the tyres that will deliver higher and higher safety.

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