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Tyre Manufacturers - Saferich Tyres

Another well-known budget tyre brand from China. Manufactured by the Shandong Fengyuan Tyre Manufacturing Co. Ltd. This fast growing company produces tyres with best rubber components and the most advances technoclogy from Germany, The Netherlands and South Korea.

All quality standards are being met and certified: China compulsory certification CCC, ISO9001 system certification, TS16949 certifications, United States DOT certification, ECE certification, European GCC certification,and the Brazil Inmetro certification.

Saferich tyres are being exported to close to 70 different countries worldwide.Please have a look on our website. We always have a wide range of cheap Saferich tyres available.You can easily choose and buy online. We will be happy to deliver the tyres to your home.If you have any queries, please contact us.



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